5 Things Women Secretly Want You To Do To Them In Bed

Image- Thenalegirl

Sometimes we don’t want you to judge us. 

However that doesn’t stop our minds from going wild. We would be more than happy if you did the following things to us in bed.

Here are 5 things women secretly want you to do to them in bed: 

1. Spank us only. 

I don’t mean while having sex, I mean just out rightly take us and spank us. Not too hard though, but don’t be too easy on us either.


image: 1966 Magazine

2. Strangle us. 

Not too much, or we may just die, but just a bit to get things going.


image: WiffleGif

3. Tie our hands together. 

Because there’s something super sexy about feeling extra vulnerable with the right guy.


image: BuzzFeed

4. GO HAM. 

Especially for those men who hold back. I mean go beast mode, be merciless.


image: Gifer

5. Insult us. 

Like sexily though. For example, if we are pretty loud, tell us to shut up and shove underwear in our mouth. It’s shocking but like…a real turn on.


image: getty