7 Things Every Woman Does When Preparing To Sleep With Bae

image: omgvoice

We women care what men think when we are having sex with them.

We want to make a good impression, especially if it’s a guy we are seriously crushing on. We can spend several minutes in the bathroom touching up, just for you gentlemen. Don’t you feel special?

Here are 7 things every woman does when preparing to sleep with bae:

1. Shave our legs. 

And everywhere else that needs shaving, especially down there.


image: LiveAbout

2. Get out the sexy underwear. 

Or if you are a little more on the wild side, wear no underwear at all.


image: MadameNoire

3. Brush our teeth. 

Or chew gum.


image: Gfycat

4. Moisturize. 

We don’t want ashy skin during sexy time. Also the moisturizer should have a heavenly smell because…points.


image: HuffPost Australia

5. Cleaning ourselves, ten times, especially down there. 

You want to be squeaky clean, and smell great. We don’t really do it ten times though.


image: Pinterest

6. But first, we pee. 

So we don’t have to think about it during sex.


image: Lyrics Wikia – Fandom

7. Researching nifty sex moves, before hand that’ll blow his mind. 


image: 21Ninety