7 Struggles Of Dating A Broke Guy That Most Women Can Relate To

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If you are a girl who doesn’t relate, congratulations. 

For the rest of us, we know the struggle, and some of us are still struggling. It’s hard and expensive to like or be in love with a broke guy. Sometimes you wish he would just magically get rich, or a richer guy would approach you. But anyways.

Here are 7 struggles of dating a broke guy that most girls understand: 

1. The sex is almost always good. 

This isn’t really a struggle, but it’s probably one of the reasons you haven’t left the relationship yet. They always find a way to compensate.


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2. Sharing costs.  

Maybe on special occasions, he’ll handle everything, but most of the time, you end up splitting the cost 50/50.


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3. Secretly wishing for a man who can cover all your bills. 

Whether it’s him or not, you can’t deny the desire of having someone who will handle everything all the time, without you worrying about a thing.


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4. Feeling that you are settling for less.

Even if that’s not actually the case, the thought may creep into your mind once in a while. And if it is, maybe that’s a sign that you should walk away.


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5. The fact that he may not have a car.

Meaning it’s mostly taxi’s or public transport, which is more money on your part because remember, sharing costs.


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6. You may not always go for events or night outs. 

Because he can’t always afford to, and it’s a bit disappointing. Most times you’re just indoors.


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7. He’s not exactly your friends’ favorite boyfriend.

Your girlfriends would’ve preferred someone who would be able to pay for drinks at the very least. Your parents will probably not like him too much either.


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8. Sometimes you feel like you are the one taking care of him.

There’s this concept that a man should be the one to handle everything, in this case you feel like you are doing the man’s job.


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