7 Signs He’s Just Using You

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Some men out here are just shameless opportunists. 

A woman in love is a woman who will do anything for her man and men know this. So he takes advantage of that fact and once he’s done with you, he’ll just throw you away like garbage. You wouldn’t want that to happen to you. So here are the tell tale signs so you can walk away before you become a victim of such shameless men.

Here are 7 signs he’s just using you: 

1. He’ll be there ‘and support you’ during the good times.

Every time you succeed, in his mind he also succeeds for his own selfish reasons. So when you are winning he’ll be right by your side ‘celebrating’ with you.


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2. He’s financially dependent on you.

Especially when you are the bread winner.


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3. He’s always asking for favors.

If you find that your man is constantly asking you to do things for him but he never returns the favor, then you are totally in a one-sided relationship – and that’s not okay.


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4. People around you and your friends see right through his act. 

Sometimes it’s good to listen to other people’s advice.


image: Yonge Magazine

5. He won’t talk about commitment. 

If you have been spending a lot of time with a guy you have every right to wonder where he sees things going in the near future. You shouldn’t have any problems when asking him important questions about the state of your relationship status.


image: Atlanta Black Star

6. He always posts pictures of you two together on social media. 

This is especially where he knows you’re popular and wants to show people that he is associated with you. Not because he really cares.


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7. He only sees you when he wants to, your timeline doesn’t matter. 

He’ll hit you up at certain times, but when you try and make plans he refuses to go through with it. It’s his way or the highway.


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