7 Sexy Ways To Lose Weight With Your Bae

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Losing weight isn’t always boring and tiresome.

There are funner ways to lose some calories while being naughty with your bae. Forget about going to the gym for a minute. Sexy time “between-the-sheets” can be a sweaty workout! The following are the amount of calories you’re burning doing certain activities.

Here are 7 sexy ways to burn calories with your bae: 

1. A hot, steamy makeout. 

When you’re lip-locking with your lover, you’re burning up to a whopping 238 calories per half hour.


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2. Oral sex. 

Performing oral sex on a partner can burn approximately 100 calories per half hour. So go for as long as possible.


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3. Having sex. 

Making love with your partner can burn approximately 144 calories  every 30 minutes. Switch positions frequently to really turn your romp into a workout.


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4. Take a shower with your bae. 

You can actually burn 40 calories taking a shower with your significant other! Take at least a 15-minute shower and burn some calories while the two of you get clean.


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5. Giving a massage to your bae. 

Next time you’re asked to play the role of masseuse, go for about 10 minutes and you can burn up to 50 calories! Once you’re done giving the massage, you receive one, you can’t go wrong!


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6. Dancing. 

You already know how tired you get after heading out to the club. This is because you are basically working out. Plus it’s more fun doing it with bae and better yet, you burn around 100 calories per half hour!


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7. Pole Dancing. 

Take a pole dancing class and surprise bae. He’ll probably be happy to have a pole dancer as a girlfriend, plus it helps you 600 calories in one hour.


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