7 Reasons Women Shouldn’t Give Their Boyfriends Money

Image: South Africa GQ

Whether it’s constantly giving your boyfriend a loan, or just giving him a bit of money because you love him. Stop it. 

Stories about how men used and dumped women after having drained them financially, physically and mentally have flooded the internet. As a result of this, more women are coming out with their stories to make the world know that giving men money while you are not married is not too good an idea.

Here are 7 reasons women shouldn’t give their boyfriends money: 

1. It will make the man lazy. 

Allow your man to be responsible and hardworking. Do not try to play his role. Otherwise he will get used to you and start expecting it out of you.


image: The Root

2. They will leave when they get money.

Most men are not the nice people they want us to believe they are. They will be loyal like a cat when they need your help but disappear when they get money.


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3. He may take you for granted.

Almost all of the stories we hear about women who went all out for their boyfriends have pathetic ends. Do not allow this happen to you.


image: Daily Mail

4. Money can’t buy love.

Whether you give man money or deny him, his love remains. No man loves a woman because she has money. In case he pretends to love her, most of them are opportunists. Some men are supported financially by women only for them to love other women. No amount of money will make a man love you.


image: Time

5. He’ll start expecting you to give him money. 

He’ll expect you to continue helping him out with his finances even when he already has some money.


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6. He will most likely leave.

Wondering how true this is, it is very true. Oh, he will keep stringing you along, promising you the heaven and the earth but in the long run, you’ll find out his intentions for you are no honorable because you gave him everything on a platter of gold. He’ll eventually say bye when he’s done with you.


image: VideoHive

7. Injustice to a Man’s Ego.

Women should care about the ego of men. That’s why they should not risk hurting their fragile ego by supporting them financially.


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