What’s Actually Happening When He Keeps Canceling On You

image: Her Culture

He might be sick or tired, or in traffic.Emphasis on might.

However as more and more excuses keep manifesting, maybe it’s time to stop expecting any kind of meet up anytime soon or ever.

Here’s what’s actually happening when he keeps canceling on: 

1. Something better came up. 

Whatever the reason, he was pretty uninterested  about your plans to begin with and decided to go with the “better” choice.


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2. He just doesn’t want to.

He has fun flirting with you, but that’s about it. He only scheduled this date to buy himself more time so you can keep sexting or whatever.


image: GramUnion

3. Maybe he’s actually busy working.

Got to get that money.


image: Giphy

4. He’s broke.

Does he keeps saying, ‘let’s meet up when I get paid next week?” Then maybe he just doesn’t have enough money to hang outside.


image: Giphy

5. It’s a power move.

He just want’s to see how easy he can make you an option. What an ass.


image: ScienceDaily

6. His friends are more of his priority.

Unfortunately, he would rather hang with the boys, than chill with you.


image: Atlanta Black Star

7. He has a girlfriend already, and he just wanted to bang.

Basically he just wanted to get an easy tap without working to hard, and meeting up and chilling outside wasn’t in his agenda. After all he has a girlfriend for that.


image: Wedding Digest Naija