7 Celebrities Who Didn’t Sleep Around Until Marriage

image: Us Weekly

It’s very possible to go without sex, these celebrities have.

While many people are very quick to get rid of their virginity and get to enjoy sexual pleasure. Some have chosen to remain abstinent until they find the right person who they will be with forever.

Here are 7 Celebrities who remained virgins till marriage: 

1. Jordin Sparks. 

Jordin Sparks, now married, made a vow to remain abstinent until marriage. The American Idol alum grew up in a very strict Christian household, and even wore a purity ring to represent her commitment.


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2. Ciara and Russell Wilson.

Just a couple of months into their relationship, singer Ciara and NFL star Russell Wilson vowed they’d be celibate until the day they were married, and now they are.


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3. Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon. 

Because they shared a similar faith, Mariah Carey suggested that she and Nick Cannon abstain from sex until they were married.


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4. Tamara Mowery-Housely. 

Fomous twin, tamara Mowery-Housely married her husband Adam Housely in 2011, but when the first started dating, they chose to honor their faith by staying celibate.


image: hollywood reporter

5. Yvonne Orji. 

Despite filming multiple sex scenes for the HBO TV series Insecure, Orji has never had the experience in real life. She was inspired by her faith to make the promise to abstain until marriage.


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6. Devon Franklin and Meagan Good. 

The actress and her preacher/film executive husband were so dedicated to the idea that you should wait until marriage to be intimate, they wrote a book about it. “As a man, if you can be disciplined in your sexual life, there’s nothing you can’t do,” said Franklin in the book.


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 7. Adriana Lima. 

The Victoria’s Secret Angel opened up to GQ in 2006 about why she was waiting. “Sex is for after marriage,” adding that her boyfriends “have to respect that this is my choice.” And in Lima’s wise, girl-power words: “If there’s no respect, that means they don’t want me.”

She eventually got married and gave it up, but has since been divorced.


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