6 Types Of Women Men Want

Image source: Instagram/nigerianwomenwithstyle

Are you among this bunch? 

Men aren’t so complicated, it’s even easy to appease them at times. As long as you aren’t to clingy or dramatic, you are officially dateable. But to be even more specific, there are particular breeds of women that stand out.

Here are 6 types of women every man wants; 

1.The 10 out of 10. 

This woman is funny, hot and spontaneous. when you walk into a room with her every one stares at you in envy.  She will  make you smile and laugh your heart out.


image: Remeehi

2.The fun one. 

She knows where all the night clubs and art shows with free wine are. She’s exciting and stylish, but not as untouchable as the urban sophisticate. She likes nerds, intellectuals and she actually cares about culture. She’s great for a guy who wants to learn more about art and music.


image source: zumi

3.The Yoga Gal.

All that deep breathing means she rarely flies off the handle, and you value this perhaps even more than you value her amazing, high, tight rear, which is saying a lot. This is a woman who really wants to make a deep connection with life, she isn’t in a rush for anything, not even marriage.

Black woman Yoga Meditation

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4.The Alpha Female

She graduated from college in 3 years and went straight to law school without taking a vacation. She’s hard to keep up with, but that’s the adventure. She’s independent and motivated.


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5.The Lover. 

She is the easy going type. The ones that can charm you even without you realizing it.  She’s probably the best kisser in the world and her sex game is on point. She’s very intense, and very into connecting.


image: Toronto Date Doctor

6.The Happy Homemaker. 

She’s no gold digger—all she wants is  a nice, cozy home. She wants to have  kids, take care of them, and take care of you.