6 Things That Are Probably Happening To You If You’re Single AF

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Sometimes being single can be hard AF. 

You are very much in the market, until someone makes it official with you, and that can be very complicated sometimes. More and more people out here are looking for situationships, which can lead to a lot of confusion and uncertainty. Other times being single just means being alone, in the most peaceful, and at times the most saddest way possible.

Here are 6 things that are probably happening to you if you’re single: 

1. Your still stuck on your ex. 

We’ve all been there, and it’s totally painful when someone you want doesn’t want you back as much.


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2. Chasing someone who is taken. 

Why are they more attractive though? Sometimes you don’t even realize they’re taken until later on then you are literally back to phase one, because they are probably not going to leave their bae.


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3. Ignoring the person who loves you. 

You’ll probably meet someone whose definitely into you, but you just don’t feel the same.  The easy ones just aren’t as exciting, it’s the hard to get ones that drive you crazy, and they’re probably taken.

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4. No one is pursuing you.

Maybe you’re just not making yourself easy to approach, or there’s something wrong somewhere, because the future looks lonely since there’s no one that seems to be matching up. Plus your sex life is basically non-existent.


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5. Your learning to love yourself. 

Sometimes you let so much happen to you in a relationship, and you take so much shit that when you leave, you have to remember how to love yourself again. Sometimes you give so much of yourself, you have to remind yourself how to be more selfish when you’re single.


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6. You focusing on your future. 

Without distractions, you start focusing more on making that money and improving yourself.


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