5 Signs He’s Not Over You And Wants You Back

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You two parted ways, but it doesn’t seem like he wants things to end.

Sometimes men take a while to realize what they had was a good thing, so if there was really something between you two, he’s definitely going to try and creep back into your life. Does he keep communicating and you’re not sure if he wants to resume things where they left off? Well, if he does any of these things, it proves that he may want a second chance with you.

1. He constantly views or likes your social media posts.


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2. You are constantly bumping into him.

Is it just a coincidence? If your ex is always showing up everywhere you go, all signs point to the fact that they’re trying to see you on purpose or stalking you. Either way, it’s problematic.


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3. He tries to initiate conversation, sending texts or calling from time to time.


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4. He asks your friends how you are doing.

It’s one thing if your BFFs bring you up in casual conversation, but it’s another if your ex is always finding ways to talk about you with your friends.


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5. He gets jealous of other men around you.


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