5 Places Men Want You To Touch Them

image: Malay Mail

Where do men love to be touched besides the obvious?

Men also have secret spots that make them go loco.


image: Tenor

Touching these areas may just set a spark. These apply to most normal men, so when you get the opportunity, give it a try.

Here are 5 places to touch him that’ll drive him crazy:

1. His hair

All of them love this. Just try run your fingers through his hair. It feels great, and it creates a connection.


image: GIFER

2. His neck

They love this just as much as women do. Give it a kiss or a good lick.


image: iStock

3. His tongue

Tease and stimulate his tongue using yours, it’ll get him excited fast. Play around with it.


image: YouTube

4. His ears.

You can whisper to him sweet nothings, give it a bit of a tug or a bite. Every man has one side that’s more sensitive than the other, so you can do both sides and ask which one he likes more.


image: All women’s talk

5. His nipples.

Yep, suck those too. Some men actually like it. However to be safe, ask first unless you two are comfortable like that.


image: Tumblr