5 Hilarious Ways Women Pretend They’ve Moved On After A Breakup


Women have some serious ego. 

So in the event you break up with them, or things aren’t working, they  pretend to move on. It’s hilarious, but also kind of lame. However, we’ve all done it.

Here are ways women pretend they’re over their bae after a breakup; 

1. They go quiet on you. 

They act like they don’t need you around so they go quiet. They do that for a week or two then hit you up and see your reaction. Sometimes they might even go as far as to blue tick you.


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2. Worst case scenario, they block you.


image: buzzfeed

3. They go on dates. 

And make sure they post it on social media. They do it so that their baes can purposefully see them wining and dining with other men, and hopefully get jealous.


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4. They start looking sexier. 

They start dressing up, wearing more makeup, being extra. They make sure they post it on social media so you can drool ‘and regret what you lost’.


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5. They make sure to post themselves having fun on social media.

So it looks like they are doing just fine without you.


image: Financial Juneteenth