5 Celebrities Who Survived Long Distance Relationships

image: The Guardian Nigeria

Many of us understand how frustrating being in a long distance relationship can be. 

However despite the relationship advise you got from your friends, it’s actually possible to remain strong or become even stronger during a long distance relationship. These celebrities managed to.

Here are 5 celebrities who survived long distance relationships that will give you hope: 

1. Ed Sheeran & Cherry Seaborn. 

Their celebrity long distance relationship was a little tough with Ed going on tours and Cherry living on a different continent doing her university. But they managed to pull through. Having endured years of the long distance relationship, Cherry finally decided to move back to Britain for a full-time with Ed.


image: Hollywood life

2. Amal Alamuddin & George Clooney. 

Georges’ plans of never getting married again or having children, was completed thwarted the moment he laid eyes on Amal.

So how did they manage to survive their long-distance relationship? When inquired, Clooney said, “We have a rule whereby we are never apart for more than a week.” and, “We also stay in touch via social media, so we try to keep close even if we’re in different parts of the world.”


image: Bollywoodlife.com

3. David & Victoria Beckham. 

Professional football player, David Beckham.
David and Victoria had to spend time apart during their busy schedules. And this, in a few instances, brought out problems in their marriage. However, till today they are still together.


image: Hello Magazine

4. Prince Harry & Meghan Markle. 

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Apparently, Meghan’s friend had set her up on a blind date with the Prince himself. Having dated since the year 2016, they had their royal wedding this year.

Although living a long distance apart, they kept their love alive by “Never going more than two weeks from seeing each other”. They also said that they made each other their highest priorities during the relationship. Now Meghan is a duchess.


image: Hello Magazine

5. Rita Ora and Calvin Harris. 

As Calvin Harris’ music has grown in popularity, he has performed a greater number of world tours, and has even been given his own residence in Las Vegas. Rita, meanwhile, spends most of her time in the UK, meaning the couple only get to visit each other on the odd occasion. That has not stopped Calvin from expressing his love, however, by writing a song dedicated to her.


image: E! News