4 Struggles Of Having A Tall Tall Man As Your Lover

Photo by Michael Kovac/WireImage/HuffingtonPost

Tall men are universally more preferred (sorry short guys).

It’s just more romantic looking up at your bae. Something about tall men just screams masculinity, and it makes us feel vulnerable. Besides their amazing traits, sometimes dating a tall man can be a bit of a struggle especially in the bedroom:

Here are 4 struggles of having a tall tall man as your lover: 

1. They can be big down there.

Usually if a man is very tall, something else they have is also ‘tall’.


image: Tumblr

2. And this can get uncomfortable.

While its usually said that bigger is better, sometimes it is, but sometimes it can be uncomfortable.


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3. As a result, there are some positions you simply cannot do because it’s too much, literally. Or generally too uncomfortable.

This can limit you in the bedroom sometimes. Missionary and standing positions might not always work.


image: Single Black Male

4. They are much heavier, as compared to shorter men.

With those that aren’t as experienced may put a bit of that weight on you while going at it.


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