“Thanks God and Ghana For Giving Me Kofi Annan”, Widow Cries In Funeral

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The widow of the late Kofi Annan, Nane Maria Annan, thanked Ghana and God for bringing a man like Kofi into her life. 

Nane Maria led hundreds of mourners, including world leaders, traditional rulers and global royalty, and called her husband an “extraordinary” person who had a “joy of life”.

Mrs Annan, who read her tribute at a high-profile funeral held said;

“Mr Annan always believed that his inner strength and sense of hope came from his deep roots here and I want to thank Ghana for giving us such an extraordinary human being”.

She continued;

“My love, you are now back home where you started your long journey. But may your wisdom and compassion continue to guide us, wherever we are,”


image: Yen.com.gh

Nane Maria Annan also thanked God for making Kofi Annan the man he was. She described her late husband as someone who was very compassionate, loving and intelligent. Nane also praised Kofi Annan for being a man of integrity and full of knowledge.

She said her that her late husband;

“challenged all of us to work for a better world right where we are; in our homes, in our villages, in our towns and in our cities.”