The Story Of This Teenager Who Has Lived With HIV For 19 Years Will Inspire You To Move On In Life

This is Lihle

He is a South African teenager who has an inspiring story to tell.

Lihle has earned the respect and praise of many Twitter netizens after he told a courageous story of how he found out he was HIV positive on the social media network.

Lihle stated that at the tender age of 5, he started wondering why he had to take drugs every day and quizzed his Dad for an answer.

One day my dad took me for check-up and i asked him “dad what’s this medication for” ? But he couldn’t answer me the same time. When we got home I asked him again and he asked me ” Have you ever heard of HIV ” ?I told him “yes ,you die when you have it ” ….i was young.Then my dad told me there’s something in my blood. Didn’t quiet understand him . Stood up and went to play with my friends.

He further added that when he was a little older and still not satisfied with the answer his Father had given him earlier, He asked his Mom the same question.

Then when i was a little older I asked my mom the same question i asked my dad when i was five .Luckily my mom she’s the nurse . She then set me down and told me I’m HIV positive and she tried to explain that it’s not the end of the world ,but I was far away with my thoughts. Did not hear a word that time Time went by .It was a secret for the three of us in the family. No one knew even now.

Lihle who has now finished high school said he has become comfortable enough to let the whole world know about his condition and the fact that just because he may have HIV, it doesn’t define him.

His Twitter Thread has been retweeted more than 4000 times.

Here it is: