5 Ridiculous Claims By Bishop Obinim Over The Years

Image: OMGVoice

Bishop Obinim is one personality in this country who is always associated with one controversy or the other.

Over the years, he’s made pronouncements that most Ghanaians deemed very ridiculous with the latest being his ability to transform into any animal in the spiritual world. He even indicated that he can turn into a snake and bite someone in the spiritual world.

A lot of videos have come out after this comment with many feeling surprised and bemused but some of us are not in anyway surprised at all because this isn’t the only ridiculous statement the pastor has made.

Below are 5 ridiculous statements from Bishop Obinim

1. He Can Turn Into Anything Including Animals And Trees

The man of God speaking in an interview on his television channel, OB TV, indicated that when he enters the spiritual world, he can practically turn into anything. He said he once visited a member with his father Jesus and he Obinim turned into a Tiger, whiles Jesus turned into a Lion. Later in his church, Obinim further stated that he can turn into any animal of this earth once he goes spiritual. If this is not ridiculous, then we have no idea what is.

obinim bagio


2. He Can Retrieve Passports From The Spiritual World

During service in his church, a member claimed that her passport had gone missing and she needs that to acquire a new one. Obinim indicated that the passport was taken in the spiritual world but he’ll go there to retrieve it. After minutes of gymnastics to show that he was going into the land of the dead to retrieve the passport, he threw the passport unto the floor with his members jubilating. This is the most ridiculous of claims ever.

bishop obinim


3. He Can Change Body Parts

After his now infamous animal transformation statement, Obinim once again made another ridiculous statement to support his earlier claims. According to him, he’s been given the power by God to do basically anything once he enters the spiritual realm. He asked his members to approach him if they feel they are not content with a body part and he’ll change it for them. He said he can enlarge b00bs, butts, manhood, make someone tall or make another short. Boy!

bishop obinim


4. He Is An Angel

His members now refer to him as Angel Obinim. According to him, he’s been made an angel by his father Jesus.

bishop obinim


5. He Can Enter Peoples Dreams

In his response to Afia Schwarzenegger who questioned his “walk by” prophecy where he was telling his members what will happen to them including death, Obinim said he’ll enter Afia’s dream and deal with her. He asked her to contact all those who have had dream encounters with him so they tell her what happened to them. He said he is feared by everybody including fetish priests and other pastors because he’s been dealing with them spiritually.