Nigerian Police Allegedly Rob A Corper Involved In Car Crash

The slogan “The Police is your Friend” doesn’t apply to Nigerian Police.

On the 29th of July 2018, Tony Zitta, an Abuja corper was found dead in a car crash.

An unidentified BMW rammed into Tony’s Toyota Camry, leaving him unconscious. According to witnesses, a Police unit got to the accident site but instead of rushing Tony to the hospital, they decided to loot him and collect the money on him.

The Police allegedly helped the driver of the BMW escape and removed the license plate to avoid identification.

Some Ladies helped to prevent the Police from stealing Tony’s Laptop and Camera.

Meanwhile an unidentified female Samaritan rushed Tony to Garki hospital where they said they could not handle his situation, as they believed he had a brain injury and supposedly took a CT scan then referred him to Wuse General Hospital where they were told there was no space.

He was referred to Gwagwalada teaching hospital an hour away. They claimed they drained his head of blood & he was stabilizing. The family & friends brought several doctors & neurosurgeons to see him but the hospital didn’t allow claiming he was alright. Then on Monday morning he passed