8 Kinds Of Students When A Question Is Asked In Class

They say “school dey be but class dey bore” to wit, schooling is interesting but class is boring. To me, I think school day be wey class too dey be.

A class contains different calibre students and their own unique way of contributing to how fun a class can be — like they say “not all fingers are equal.”

The class is normally boring when there is no teacher around especially in the high school levels when each subject has a designated teacher –I know you’ll think otherwise. Even though there will be a teacher, it would take the most engaging ones to get the class boiling. Students, on the other hand, are prepared for anything – whether the teacher will come or not, we dey inside.

The experience got one of YouTube’s creator, Maraji to come up with this compilation. Here are the kinds of students in the class when a question is asked by a teacher.

1. Hiders

They act unconcerned and absent-minded during lessons. It is as if they didn’t hear the question being asked and will never attempt to answer one.


2. Sellouts

They dine and wine with their colleagues like family but when a teacher poses a question, they start pointing to others. And when their friends don’t get it right and the teacher calls them to help their friends, they’ll be like “Madam, she’s not my friend oo.”


3. Sleepers

These people can sleeeeeeep but when the teacher leaves …


4. Cheaters

“Are you reading for me?” When the teacher says this you know someone is copying. They will start answering nicely and end up beating about the bush somewhere in the middle to the end of the definition.


5. Helpers

Never answers questions in class but always in one corner whispering answers to people.


6. Excuse givers

“Madam, I wasn’t in class oo,” or “Madam, I’m sick.” All the flimsy excuses, these people can give you.



7. Teachers’ Assistants

And when the trumpet blow for “Her/His Majesty,” they will quote and quote till it suits the teacher’s preference.


8. Guessers

Also known as backbenchers. Their answers normally contain “Errrmmm,” “or,” “you know” and the teacher will ask, “are you asking me?”


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Source: Maraji/YouTube