29 Pictures That Prove Fufu Is Food For The Gods

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By: Kwaku Darko | 4 Month(s) ago

Fufu is one of the dishes among the Akan tribe in Ghana and it means everything to them because besides being delicious, it is deeply satisfying and goes along with a lot of soups.

Like they say, Fufu is bae and these pictures prove it.

1. With light soup, smoked fish, okra. We know your mouth is watering now

πŸ‘… #happynewyear #fufuo

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2. With some Abunuabunu nkwan…sowiiii!!!

#Repost @gyifa ・・・ #fufuo #ebunuebunu #dinner

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3. What about some chicken light soup?


4. Or Abenkwan (palm nut soup)

#fufuo #abenkwan #ghanastyle #bonappetgh

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5. NkateΒ nkwan nso be tua line


6. When you have to add some little flavour and an egg


7. And this


8. Dish for Kings


9. When you bring the sea to the bowl


11. We will call this vegetable soup with fufu


12. E go your square eh!!

Kwasiada awia fufuo…#fufuo#ghanafoods#ghanadishes#ghanadelicacies#

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13. When we make you feel like grabbing the dish off the screen


14. Need we say more?


15. Life is good


16. Chicken wings


17. Chicken wings again


18. It’s a wings party


19. Boi!

From @gyifa #dinneronfleek #fufuo #dontmindyourwife πŸ˜‚πŸ™ŒπŸΎ this is how you do it when you mean it

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20. ……


21. Too real, mehn, too real

#fufuo #goatmeat #bonappetgh

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22. Dang!!


23. Fish things going down


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24. You can’t go hungry again after eating this


25. Green soup is life


26. Enjoyment is in fufu

"Make fufu, not war" #ghana #african #food #afrolatina #fufuo

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28. That’s calling your name right?

#Foodporn #Sundaysbest #Fufu #Nyameyedo #Fufuandsoup #Fufuo

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29. This is it


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