These Are The 20 Questions Ghanaians Need Answers From Dr. Bawumia

By: Kwaku Darko | 6 Day(s) ago

This is Dr. Mahamadu Bawumia.

The Vice President of Ghana.

Delivering my address @Tamale Polytechnic

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Today, the 17th April 2016, he was on JoyNews to answer questions from the public under the programme “100 Days Of Change”.

This was extended to twitter under the hashtag, #AskBawumia and Ghanaians had a lot of questions for him, here are some few tweets of what Ghanaians need answers to.

1. This young man wants to know the government’s plan for his academic and hostel fees.


2. The teachers were also here to know what they have in store for them.


3. Someone needs a wife from Bawumia


4. This increment in Academic and hostel fees in Universities is really disturbing


5. Somebody needs his allowa pretty fast


6. Good question


7. Somebody needs their health insurance paid.


8. Okay! We got that, think the structures have been laid, haven’t they?


9. Massa!! that on pass oh! arrears se sen? W’ani bo na ete asi so a, wo nfa no saa.


10. E no stable give you yet, my guy?


11. The most important question of all


12. Something we’ve all been waiting for


13. Yes! The Galamsey issue came up


14. Someone wants to know


15. And this…


16. Someone is planning to build a house oh!


17. Okay!! He meant goods


18. Yes! We need more details on this


19. Very important question…


20. Can it be done?

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