Here Are 9 Simple Ways To Avoid Plagiarism

By: Kwame Boakye | 3 Month(s) ago


A word that has taken Ghana by storm after Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo’s inauguration as Ghana’s new president. People who had not heard about the word are now using it like pros.

Plagiarism is the act of taking someone else’s work or ideas and passing them off as one’s own.

Here are 9 ways to avoid plagiarism.

1. Know what plagiarism means

If you know it, you can avoid it.


2. Paraphrase

For every idea, you research on, read and want to use, put it in your own words instead of quoting or copying verbatim.

3. Know the topic you’re talking or writing about

People are mostly tempted to copy what they don’t know. Have an idea about what you’re doing and the temptation to copy and paste will just be out of your way.


4. Cite your sources … PROPERLY

You can’t pick something from and just cite the source as ‘omg’. What the hell? OMG!


5. Quote well and source your quotes

No one likes to be misquoted. So quote like the person said or wrote it, and give them the due credit that they said or wrote it.

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6. Research on the right sources

Don’t just quote from anywhere. Probably Ama stole from Kojo, who stole from Kweku who stole from Kwame, the original creator of what you stole too.

Knowing the original source is important. People will say source where you got it. But for your good, find the original source.


7. Think your work through

You might just quote something you think you made up. Fam, you didn’t! You heard or read it somewhere. You just gotta think it through and do the right thing.


8. Reference your work

If it is an academic work, it is very important to have a reference page acknowledging all the people you took ideas and quotes from.


9. BONUS – For Presidents

If you’re a president, ask your speech writer:

Did you steal anything from anybody?

There you go! See you’re safe.

Akua Donkor shows no mercy

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