8 Common Mistakes That Lead To Failure In Exams

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The crown of schooling is getting a certificate and you can only get that after writing and passing an exam.

Examinations are dreaded by everyone in school including brilliant students and it’s simply because one doesn’t know what to expect and one mistake can end up with you failing the paper.

The rate of examination failures in Ghana is so alarming and each year, the number goes higher. It’s not because students are not learning or are not brilliant, what I’ve realized from my experience in school is that we normally do either way too much or way too little.

The way you go into an examination determines whether you’ll pass or fail, it’s as simple as that.

There are very simple mistakes we make as students going into an examination and that goes to determine whether we’ll pass or fail, so if you want to come out on top the next time you write an exam, read the 8 mistakes below and do not repeat it.

1. We Assume Teachers/Examiners Can Read Every Handwriting

You might be able to read and understand what you write because it’s your handwriting but others might not. All those stylish writings won’t help you if the teacher or examiner cannot read what you’ve written. Examiners won’t waste time on your script if they find it hard to read. So make sure you write clearly if it means you need to separate the characters, do so, it’s your life.

Photo: GhanaPosts

Photo: GhanaPosts


2. We Do Not Read The Instruction

Every examination comes with its own rules. Instructions are very important but students are so much interested in the questions they don’t read the instructions, they just jump straight into answering the questions.




3. We Over-learn

One thing that can kill is when you learn so much and get into an examination room only to see very easy questions. When it’s time for exams, students go into overdrive. Students learn stuff they feel are likely to drop in exams.




4. We Focus Our Revision On particular Areas

Some students study past questions carefully to see the trend of the questions. They then learn along those areas for the examination. Some also get information that questions are going to come from certain topics and that’s where they focus their learning. Therefore, when they enter the exams room and see something different, they freeze and are not able to answer.

Image: MovieFone

Image: MovieFone


5. We Get Complex With Our Answers

This happens a lot with all those students who feel they know way too much. A question they can answer with two simple sentences ends up being a 10 line sentence with complex phrases. Truth is that the examiner is not looking at how eloquent you are with the English language, he/she just needs your answers to the question so keep it simple.



6. We Go In With The Mind To Copy

There are students who go into an exam with the sole aim of copying from somebody. Even if it’s an external exam like WASSCE or BECE, they want to sit close to someone they know, they plan to ask whoever sits close to them for answers. Their whole mentality is about copying from somebody. Therefore when they enter the exams room and security is tight making copying difficult or the person they want to ask doesn’t also know, then they are not able to write. Why put yourself through this trauma? Learn.

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7. We Trust “Apor”

Apor is simply leaked information about a paper one is yet to write. It could be about areas or topics covered by the questions or the paper itself. Some students have their hopes on this to the extent that they’ll even pay money to buy these so-called papers. The love for these leaked papers is so much that students do not learn.

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8. Giving Incomplete Answers

I was told by my teachers way back that when a question for a definition carries 5 marks, you’ll have to realize that they don’t only seek the definition. If there are examples, they need that too and if you can give a diagram, it works too. All these components carry a percentage of the total mark, therefore, leaving them out means you’re just going to get marks for the definition and that’ll not help you. The higher the total mark for a single question, the more they need. If you can do a comparison, do it, if you can do a list, do it, just make sure everything that is related to the question is captured in your answer, that’s how you’ll gain the full mark and pass.

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