9 Things That Happened In Ghana In 1996 That Will Make You Feel Really Old

By: Ofori-Mensah | 18 Day(s) ago

Way back in 1996, do you remember…

1. President Rawlings wins his second term as President of Ghana.

President Jerry Rawlings’ won the 1996 general elections with 57% of the popular votes as opposed to Kufour’s 39.62%.

president rawlings in 1997


2. 200 and 500 cedis coins.

The 200 and 500 cedis were first introduced in 1996 and were in circulation until 2007.

200 cedis


500 cedis


3. President Rawlings beats up Vice President Arkaah.

During a cabinet meeting on December 30, 1995, Vice President Nkensen Arkaah said he was kicked in the groin and punched by President Jerry Rawlings in a fight.

“He gave me a terrible blow on the shoulder which sent me falling to the floor,” Nkensen Arkaah told a news conference, which was also attended by diplomats. “He then attempted to pull me up by my shoulder in order to hit me further. He tore the shoulder of my jacket in the process.” he said.


5. On the evening of December 13, 1996, Kofi Annan was named the Secretary-General of the United Nations – the first black African to hold the job.

Photo: YouTube


6. The Black Stars squad at South Africa 1996.

ghana black stars in 1996


7. Brazil beat Ghana 8-2 in an international friendly on March, 27.


8. The first batch of Liberian refugees allowed in Ghana.

More than 3,000 refugees from the rusty Nigerian freighter Bulk Challenge streamed into the western Ghana port of Takoradi on May 14, 1996.


9. Ex-doe released “Daavi Medekuku” in 1996.


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