7 Things You Can Do When Someone Faints And Help Isn’t Coming Anytime Soon

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What would you do if you’re partying with a friend and he/she starts drifting into unconsciousness? Pull your phone out to record that funny movement or extend the helping hand?

First aid is the responsibility of every individual thus you must know some basic skill like you know where to reach your phone’s camera. First aid helps to sustain one’s deteriorating health before professional attention is given so before you throw someone into a taxi and race to the hospital try helping out first [especially on our part of the world where ambulances are scarce and giving direction is a headache].

Here is what you can do to revive someone who faints and help isn’t coming anytime soon;

1. Call the emergency line

The first thing to do is to call the ambulance service on 193/030 268 4201 for Ghana+234 810 036 8345 for Nigeria and 999 for Kenya before starting any procedure. In that case, they will prep themselves for the situation and take over from where you left off.


2. Secure the victim

Most of the time people faint without our knowledge but in case they let you know or you recognise the symptoms [such as blue lips or face, an irregular or slow heartbeat, chest pain, difficulty breathing, difficult to awaken, acts confused] help the person lie flat on his/her back slowly, loosen tight clothing and elevate his/her legs to allow blood circulation.

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3. Try to revive the person

Try various ways to bring the person back to consciousness. If he/she isn’t responding, try CPR–if you know the drill– soak a piece of cloth with alcohol and let him/her inhale it that is if the person is breathing slowly.

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4. Turn the person on his/her side if he/she is vomiting or bleeding from the mouth.

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5. Let the person sit up if he/she comes around

It is not advisable to let the person stand right away, there could be instances where he/she might faint again.

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6. Give the person something to sip on

Preferably, orange juice because he/she might not have eaten or is diabetic.

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7. Stay with the person until help arrives or take him/her to the hospital

The EMS team would want to know what happened so it’s better to stick around until they arrive at the scene or you get to the hospital.