10 Types Of Africans You Would Find Abroad

Most African nations are characterized with poverty, It is therefore no surprise that Africans run abroad to seek for greener pastures.

Here are the different types of Africans you would find abroad;

1. The one that has a house and a good paying job 

2. The one that has married his great grandmother’s age mate 

3. The one working in filling station but tells everyone he’s in oil and gas 

You are the best

4. The one that is now the leader of street gang 

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5. The one working in strip club 

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6. The one that already has accent after spending one week


7. The one that doesn’t want to smell Africa again 

Image: Giphy

8. The one that never gets used to burger, and is looking for ogbono soup

9. The ones that cold want to kill

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10. The ones that are still on the sea

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