5 Ways To Turn Down Alcoholic Drinks At Parties Without Seeming Awkward

Parties are fun when there are lots to eat and drink and even “take-away.” However, a party is one of the events you would regret doing what you normally wouldn’t do.

Parties are meant to be fun so people eat, drink and do crazy stuff to earn the “Party Animal” title. Some girls often go to parties with diverse intentions whilst most guys often go in search of sex.

It is reported that one out of four girls experience unwanted sexual intercourse while attending parties and many of these incidents happen at or after parties and countless road accidents associated with men due to drunk driving.

Drinks are offered at parties as a welcome message however it is not compulsory to gulp anything that comes your way.


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It is not a crime to drink at parties but if you’re not someone who drinks or you are but not in your drinking mood that moment, use these techniques to decline them when offered.

1. Just say “NO.”

Like I said, it is not compulsory to accept any drink that comes your way. You can politely say “NO” to whoever is offering you the drink.


2. Make a joke


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When they insist that you take the drink, just make jokes. An excerpt from a post on Wikihow states that “… try saying something like, “Nah, man, I’ve already had my share. And probably yours, too!” Or, “Haha, no thanks. No drink in the world could have enough alcohol to solve my problems.” Keep your jokes polite and tasteful. Others might feel attacked if you insult them for drinking.”


3. Try the camouflage move

Get one of the glasses or plastic cups being used, fill it with water (or not) and just hold it through the party.


4. Drop

pineapple drink

You might as well accept the drinks and drop them somewhere no one will notice.


5. Be the driver

Casual Young Man Holding Out Car Key. Focus on hand and key. Face out of focus. Shot in studio over white.

You can point at a few people in the crowd and say “those idiots would need a ride home.” However, choose this technique sparingly especial when you don’t know the people you’re pointing at.

Becareful when someone keeps pestering you to drink as he/she might have something up his/her sleeve. The drink could be spiked and might harm you on consumption.

Go on and enjoy the party –wait– share this post first. 😉😉