17 Tips For Planning A Budget Wedding

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How low will you go on spending for your wedding?

Last week everybody was talking about the Kenyan couple that had a wedding costing Kes. 100 or 1 dollar. You may not want to do a cheap wedding but you don’t want to spend a lot of money because you are not earning so much.

Here are a few tips thanks to thesimpledollar.com to get you going:

1. Avoid inviting too many people to your wedding.

You might be tempted to invite everybody you know but this could increase your costs to unmanageable levels. If you are having a traditional wedding ceremony invite as many people as possible (this is great because relatives usually cook) and explain that you are having a small wedding because of finances.


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2. Ask for wedding help instead of wedding gifts.

If your friends have talents they can use like music, cooking, photography and baking skills; ask them to kindly accept to provide their skills as a gift. This, of course, needs to be asked of close family and friends as acquaintances might not be amused.



3. Hold the ceremony at home, or outdoors.

If you know somebody with a house with a compound, consider asking them to let them use their compound for a small intimate wedding. Sometimes using a church compound can make things much cheaper for you than renting reception grounds. You can put up a small tent or even use one of the rooms in the church for the ceremony.

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4. Do the catering yourself, or hire some women to cook for you.

Handle your own food preparation and catering. Talk to relatives to help you with the cooking. You can also talk to a restaurant with reasonable prices to do some outside catering.



5. Go minimal with the flowers.

This may be a hard one but you may have to forget flowers. Flowers cost a lot and you might need to think of other options like fake flowers for the bridesmaids or a rose for each bridesmaid and a small bouquet for the bride. You can also get flowers from somebody with a rose bush.

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6. Skip the groomsmen and bridesmaid gifts.

Sometimes people either give the wedding party a gift or a party. Consider writing a thank you card instead or calling them to say thank you. One of the other things you should consider is reducing your wedding party in order to cut down on costs.

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7. Make your own invitations or use e-invites.

You can make your own wedding invitations if you have a printer. You can also create unique cards for your guests. The other option is to send invites over email or Whatsapp.

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8. Borrow stereo equipment or use yours from home.

You can use your own stereo equipment or borrow equipment. You can burn CDs of your favorite music and put speakers at the venue. You can have one of your friends manning the stereo equipment.



9. Stock the beverages yourself.

Buy the sodas and water in bulk so that you can save money. Make sure they are distributed on the day; don’t give them to the caterer early just in case they don’t bring all of them.


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10. Bargain with vendors in exchange for reduced rates.

Ask if your vendor is willing to give you a discount if you advertise for them in exchange for reduced rates. You can have a small card or brochure at each person’s place setting.


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11. Shop for decorations or consider making your own.

Consider doing your own decorations and centerpieces. You can do something unique that suits the two of you instead of spending thousands of decorations.

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12. Buy your wedding dress from a shop.

Save on a wedding dress by avoiding ordering a custom dress or having a tailored dress. If you know your color scheme you can go check out exhibitions or stores with sales for a dress that suits you. If you really want to keep costs down why not ask your bridesmaids to wear a dress in a particular color dress they already own.

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13. For the guys think jeans/khaki pants and shirts.

If you don’t want to spend a lot of cash on clothes, think jeans in blue or black for the guys with maybe an interesting shirt which you can get in all sizes. The good thing about jeans is that they can be worn after the wedding seeing as not everybody loves a suit so they might never wear it again. You could also ask the guys to wear a suit in a color you all have, like black or gray.

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14. Plan a simple honeymoon.

It is not a must for you to go away for a honeymoon, why not have a honeymoon in your house? Or go on a road trip to a local destination. You can save the honeymoon for your one year anniversary or when funds become available.

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15. Involve your closest friends and family in the preparations.

Involve your closest friends and family. They might know somebody who can offer you a deal or have something you can borrow on your wedding day. You might even be able to borrow a dress. They are always willing to help so don’t be afraid to explain your situation and ask for help.



16. Try not to mention that you are getting married when approaching vendors.

When asking for prices for vendors, don’t mention it is for a wedding at first. Many vendors mark up prices for a wedding. You will have better negotiation leverage if they have already given you a quote for a party than if you told them it was for a wedding.

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17. Plan, plan, plan.

You need a plan for the things you need to do and the costs. Check out the definitive guide to getting ready for your dream wedding. Don’t let other people stress you and pressure you to have an expensive wedding you can’t afford. Remember in the end a marriage is not about the wedding, but about your relationship.

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