Easy Tips To Impress Any Woman And Get Her To Fall For You

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Let’s face it, making an impression on a lady for her to fall for you is not as easy as it seems. It takes a lot of confidence and know-how to execute it successfully.

For some people, it’s a herculean task while for others, it’s a very normal everyday act.

Whichever category you fall in, there are things you can do to impress a woman and have her fall in love with you. It’s just about knowing what to do, when to do it and how to do it.

Below are some tips on impressing that any woman.

1. Look And Feel Great

There is nothing more attractive to a woman than a man who looks and feels great. Your confidence goes through the roof once you look and feel great and trust me, the woman you’re interested in will see.

Take time to groom yourself. Eat healthy, exercise, use nice colognes, make sure your clothes are on point and get your hair neatly done. These are all little things that go through the eyes of a woman and runs straight to her heart.

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2. Use Every Opportunity To Showcase Your Abilities

We are all different people and we like and love different things. You might not know what your woman of interest likes, therefore, it’s important that you cease every opportunity to showcase your abilities when you’re with her. If you’re a good singer, invite her out to a karaoke bar and sing for her or sing some songs for her whiles she’s with you. If you are into sports, invite her to watch you play sometime. This is the way to make sure she knows your talent and if she finds it attractive.

Photo: Urge2Pose/GhanaPost/Instagram

Photo: Urge2Pose/GhanaPost/Instagram


3. Be Confident

I believe you’ve heard this several times. The reason your friend or that guy gets to chat and hang with all those high-class ladies is because he’s confident. There’s nothing more that puts women off than a timid man. You can’t win the heart of any lady by showing fear. Before approaching her, know exactly what you want to talk about, walk upright with your shoulders straight and offer a firm handshake. Let every word from your mouth exude confidence. Don’t stutter and don’t mince words.



4. Compliment Her

This is a bit tricky because too much of it will get you an opposite result from what you set out to obtain. When you meet her, compliment her on her looks and be sincere about it. If it’s her hair that you like, let her know. If it’s her shoe or her bracelet, focus on that and tell her so. Being general about your compliment will not do you any good so be specific so she sees that you’re totally focused on her and can notice little details about her look.

If this is a woman you see quite often, then be meticulous about it. Don’t see her each time and compliment her, she’ll feel you’re not being sincere and she’ll begin to shun your company.




5. Surprise Her

Women love surprises and they feel attracted to a man who surprises them. You don’t need an expensive gift to surprise her and make an impression. Send her lunch at work, buy her cake, chocolate, perfume, bracelet etc. Nothing out of the ordinary, just everyday stuff and see how she’ll appreciate it. Imagine sending her lunch one afternoon and catching her at a time when she’s really hungry but hasn’t been able to go out to eat. She’ll love and appreciate it.




6. Have A Sense Of Humor

Anybody who doesn’t laugh isn’t human. We all love to laugh and we love those who make us laugh. Women are happy-go people, they always want to laugh and have fun therefore if you can give her that happiness and joy each time she finds herself with you, then you’re guaranteed a spot in her heart. This alone wouldn’t make her fall in love with you though but this added to your other qualities, will draw her to you like a magnet. Make her have a good laugh.

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7. Be Honest

Don’t tell her you live in Trassaco or Regimanuel. Don’t borrow clothes or cars to impress her. Sit down and ask yourself, what happens when we start dating and she finds out I don’t own any of those? No matter what you do, make sure you’re open and honest with her. Women love honest people.

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