Here Are 11 Tips To Cheaply Decorate Your Hostel Room

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Hostel space can sometimes be very frustrating.

It is usually uninteresting, dull and even hard to be in. However, even if you have a bunk bed and a hostel roommate you can still personalize your space to make it look better with just a few things. Here are 11 tips to cheaply decorate your hostel room.

Here are 11 tips to cheaply decorate your hostel room:

1. DIY Dixie Cup Garland

This is to give your room a bit of color and excitement. For exact steps on how to make this check this.



2. Giant confetti wall

It is all about making your wall look colorful and exciting. If you have a roommate you can do it on your side of the room. Find it here.



3. DIY Picture Frames

Use colorful tape to put pictures on your wall in a creative way. This will lighten up your room and you avoid buying frames.

money-saving dorm decor


4. Lighted photo display

Learn to do this from here


Image: Buzzfeed


5. Organizational board

Because there’s nothing better than being in an organized small room. Learn to do this from here.


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6. DIY jewelry/Bag display

All you need is wood and a bit of time and you are good to go. See how you can get this ASAP from this.




7. Grab’N go snacks

Because hostel life is not an easy life without snacks life isn’t as interesting. But instead of making this all you have to do is buy a shoe holder that you can put your snacks in, alternatively, you can just use it for shoes.




8. Clip artistry

All you need are a few clipboards and decorative papers to plaster on the clipboards. So, instead of throwing your clipboards away use them for posting to do lists, for more details check this.


Image: Martha Stewart


9. Create a curtain for your bunk bed.

In case you have a bunk bed and you want to enjoy your own space then you need to follow this link




10. A pretty pen holder.

Put some sprinkles in a jar or marbles then put your pens in it. It may not be a big deal but it can accessorize an old table and make it look better.




11. Put a canopy around your bed to make it feel palace-like.

Look at the different ways you can create this canopy in your hostel without damaging the walls. Check this.


Image: BuzzFeed