How To Throw A Baby Shower On A Budget

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A baby shower is like the wedding celebration for a baby, it has to be memorable.

But in between prenatal expenses to getting the actual baby, planning a baby shower, like any good party can be hard on your pocket. However simplifying a few things will make it cheaper.

Here is how to throw a baby shower on a budget:

1. Send the invitations on Whatsapp. 

Or digitally, this way you aren’t spending too much on the invitations. If you want to make the invitation look nice you can always use certain websites or apps to create cute virtual invites before sending them.


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2. The location can be in a friend’s or parent’s house.

This is more affordable than doing it at a restaurant, or at a location you would have to pay for.


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3. Start a Whats app group with everyone invited and ensure they contribute something.

It can be with the food, or gifts. Research on good baby gifts, so during the big day everyone comes with something to the event. Start this in advance. Ensure everyone is tasked to bring some food or drink, plus also contribute to a cake.


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4. Get your friend with the best phone camera to be the ‘official photographer’.

A photographer might be expensive, however still on the whatsapp group, the friend with the best phone camera or camera should be assigned to be the photographer, of which photos are later sent to the Whatsapp group for everyone to share.


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5. Have a dress code.

This is a fun spin to the event.


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6. Have a fun gender reveal. 

Plan a budget friendly gender reveal. Try and be creative. This will be the fun part.