15 Things You Probably Thought Are The Same But Are Not

Sometimes, we hear names of things and actually think they are another way of referring to the same thing but interestingly, it will surprise you to know that, they are actually not the same.

A grapefruit and an orange might look similar in appearance but they are not the same, just as a banana and plantain might look similar but are not the same.

Here are 15 things you probably thought were the same but are not.

1. Python Vs Anaconda.

There have been many arguments as to whether an anaconda is just a large size of a python but the truth is, both animals are not the same although they all come from the same family.

While the python is known for growing long and usually located in Africa, the Anaconda is known to grow wide and long up to 30ft. and usually located in South America. They are both non-venomous snakes.

Anaconda Vs Python


2. Rats Vs Grasscutters.

If there are any animals that confuse a lot of people in our part of the world and especially in Ghana, then it is rats and grasscutters. Grasscutters are edible in Ghana but rats are not. Unfortunately, due to their similarity, we’ve had people killing and eating rats and thinking they are grasscutters.

Grasscutters are more chubby than rats and have two sharp protruding teeth but rats, on the other hand, are less heavy and look wild. Their fur is darker than a grasscutter.

Grasscutter Vs Rat


3. Frogs Vs Toads.

The one thing most of us always mix up is frogs and toads. We actually call every toad a frog but they are not the same. Toads are very poisonous and common in Ghana, they are fat with short legs and appear larger while frogs are usually not poisonous although there are poisonous ones, they have long legs and are slimmer than toads.

Frog vs Toad


4. Tortoise Vs Turtle Vs Terrapin.

The common difference between these species is that tortoises can’t swim but turtles can swim. To elaborate further, tortoises actually have feet that stamp on the ground with claws but turtles have what looks more like a fin that allows them to paddle in the sea.

The other confusing species are terrapins who look like turtles but are smaller and have black stripes on them.



5. Salmon Vs Mackerel.

So for a simple fact and we know Ghanaians may not like this but what you’re mostly served in the country are actually Mackerel and not Salmon. However, because we can’t differentiate between the two, restaurants take advantage of us and serve us with Mackerel when we request for Salmon. Cold stores also do same probably because they don’t know or pretend they don’t. Salmons are quite expensive than Mackerel and the difference is, Salmons have pinkish internals while Mackerels come with whitish internals.

Mackerel Vs Salmon


6. Shrimps Vs Prawns.

Shrimps have claws on two of their five pairs of legs while prawns have claws on three of their five pairs of legs, they are not the same.

Shrimps Vs Prawns


7. Butter Vs Margarine.

Due to this mix-up, people use these words interchangeably thinking they are the same but they are not. The difference between them is that butter is made from milk while margarine is made from vegetable oil.

Butter Vs Margarine


8. Oranges Vs Tangerines.

Oranges are spherical while tangerines are a little skewed on both sides.


Orange vs Tangerines


9. Rabbits And Hares.

They appear similar but they are not the same. While Hares have longer ears and slender body, Rabbits have wide ears shorter than that of Hares and give birth in burrows while Hares give birth above the ground.

Rabbit Vs Hare


10. Ghana Empire Vs Ghana.

For some people, Ghana was a name given to the country because that’s where the Ghana Empire was located. Some even believe the Ashantis were those who made up the Ghana Empire but far from it. Ghana at where it is currently located was nowhere close to the Ghana Empire which was situated close to Senegal than Ghana.

And so in case you thought they were the same hence the name, then you might have to rethink because they are not the same at all.

Ghana Empire Vs Ghana


11. Climate Vs Weather.

In speaking, we use these words interchangeably because we think both words suit the situation but weather and climate are not the same.

Weather is the temporary condition of the atmosphere at a place while climate is the overall average weather at a place over a period of time.


12. Alligator Vs Crocodile.

Both reptiles live in water and look very similar but are not the same. They are so similar they sometimes cause a lot of confusion but to know the difference, Alligators have a u-shaped snout while crocodiles have a v-shaped snout.

Alligator Vs Crocodile


13. Monitor Lizard Vs Alligator.

In Ghana, many of us actually confuse the monitor lizard with the alligator to the extent we actually call the monitor lizard an alligator but they are not the same.

Monitor lizards live on land and can even survive on the desert, they are shorter and far smaller than Alligators and have long tails than Alligators. The Alligators on the other hand live on both land and water and have a close resemblance to the crocodile just that its snout is u-shaped.

Monitor Lizard Vs Alligator


14. Leopard Vs Jaguar.

The Leopard and the Jaguar are one of the most confusing animals you can find among the cat family and it all boils down to their spots. The Jaguar is stockier and more muscular than the Leopard, with a compact body, a broader head and powerful jaws. The Jaguar’s tail is also generally shorter than the Leopard’s tail. Though Jaguars and Leopards both have coats that feature rosette patterns, a Jaguar’s rosettes have spots inside them.

Leopard Vs Jaguar


15. Great Britain Vs United Kingdom Vs England.

One of the few things that really confuse a lot of people because people actually think they are the same and okay to say either Great Britain or the United Kingdom, but they are not the same. When you say Great Britain, it includes England, Scotland and Wales but when you refer to the United Kingdom then you’re talking about these countries, England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.