16 Struggles Every Man With A Pot Belly Has To Endure

Photo: CNN

Having a pot belly is not an easy thing in life because every day, you have to endure lots of struggles just to make it through the day. 

From friends teasing you to even lacing your shoes, here are 15 struggles every man with a pot belly has to endure.

1. Lacing your shoes is like climbing mountain Everest, it is not that easy. 


2. Rubbing your hands on your belly makes you feel like you’re carrying a ball in front of you. 


3. You always pray when you sit on a chair with a table in front because you don’t want your belly to push the table over. 

pot belly


4. Getting out of bed is always a struggle because your belly is in the way all the time and so you have to roll over instead of getting up.

pot belly


5. Buttoning your shirt sometimes feels like tethering a dragon.

pot belly


6. Not being able to wear your favourite suit because it wouldn’t fit your midsection.


7. Your midsection makes you look like a pawpaw in pictures.


8. Tight clothes are not your thing.


9. Forget about having the best belt hook, because your belly will cover it up.


10. You have to always unbutton your trousers after eating a heavy meal.


11. Sitting in the middle in a taxi is the biggest struggle in your life.


12. Getting down from a trotro means you have to be extra careful or else you might topple and fall. That belly can drag you down.


13. Doggy style doesn’t look pleasant to you because you don’t get a nice view, your belly covers it all up.


14. People can’t buy you clothes as presents because they can’t guess your size.


15. Every woman who ends up in your bed uses your belly as a play thing.


16. You always have to tuck your belly in just to prove a point that it is not that big.