Fun Ways To Survive Being Celibate

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If you just recently got single, or have been for a while, you may not have someone to have sex with.

Which is fine, it’s not necessary to have sex anyways, you can survive without having it with these easy steps.

Here’s fun ways to survive being celibate: 

1. Get vibrators and toys.

Enjoy yourself with a little help.


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2. Read romantic novels or erotica.

Stimulate your mind and your body with a good story.


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3.  Eat chocolate.

It’s tasty and it increases serotonin in the brain, a neurotransmitter responsible for better mood, sleep, and reduction of anxiety.


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4. Watch porn sometimes.

If it helps with not having sex.


image: Nairaland

5. Distract yourself by focusing on work or on a fun activity.


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6. Don’t tempt yourself by entertaining any guy who wants a casual relationship.

Especially if you’d like a serious relationship.


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