5 Signs He Wants To Get You Pregnant

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Men want babies too. 

Sometimes even more than women. Many have their own particular kind of intention; some want to start a family while others may want to trap you.

Whatever it is, here are a few signs he’s trying to get you pregnant. 

1. He tells you. 

He tells you that he wants kids. In fact he may even insist continuously, even if you refuse, he won’t give up easily. He may be more passive, by talking about baby names, or how he’ll make you a mother one day.


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2. He conveniently ‘forgets’ to pull out. 

If him communicating with you isn’t working, he may hope for it to happen ‘by accident’, or at least he wants you to believe that.


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3. He wants to have sex more than usual. 

All of a sudden, you are having sex way more often; did his libido just go up, or is there another hidden intention.


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4. He’s more interested in your cycle. 

He wants to know when you are ovulating, when you are on your periods. He is all of a sudden more concerned about these things. He may even go as far as to download an app to keep track.


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5. And when you are ovulating, he tries to seduce you more.

Once your ovulation starts he pulls out the chocolates and wine. He wines and dines you, and flatters you in a number of ways so he can get in there and make it happen.


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