5 Signs You May Be An Infertile Woman (And You Should Worry)


The inability to conceive can be difficult, especially if you had plans to get children. 

So you should spot signs early so you can find out how to deal with it when the time comes that you want to have children.

Here are 5 signs you may be an infertile woman (and you should worry): 

1. Irregular periods.

The average woman’s cycle is 28 days long. But anything within a few days of that is still normal, as long as those cycles are consistent. But a woman whose cycles come at such different times that she can’t even begin to estimate when her period might arrive is experiencing irregular periods. This can be related to hormone issues which can contribute to infertility.


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2. Painful and heavy periods. 

I mean seriously painful, like you can’t do anything but lie down painful.


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3. No periods. 

It’s not uncommon for women to have an off month here and there. Factors like stress, a bad diet or heavy workouts can cause your period to temporarily disappear. However, if you haven’t had a period in months, it’s time to get your fertility checked.


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4. Pain while having sex.

Painful sex isn’t normal. If you have it, it could be related to hormone issues, endometriosis, or any other underlying conditions that could also contribute to infertility.


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5. Symptoms of hormone fluctuations. 

This can include skin issues, reduced sex drive, facial hair growth, thinning hair and weight gain.


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