This Is Shudu, No She’s Not Real, She’s World’s First Digital Model

Image: Instagram/Shudu.gram/sjwphoto

Guys guys, we live in interesting times…

This is a real model…

duckie thot model

Image: instagram/ Duckieofficial

She goes by the name Duckie Thot, a Sudanese-Australian model that’s taking the modeling world by storm and as a matter of fact, currently one of the most sought-after black models. She’s getting her shmoney for sho!

This, however, believe it or not, is not a real person but a digital model whose name is Shudu.

shudu digital model

Image: Instagram/ Shudu.gram

I know what you’re thinking…”She looks so real”.

She really does and for quite some time, there was a mystery surrounding who this gorgeous lady dripping melanin was. Moreso, because her Instagram bio simply read “Who is she”. The interest in Shudu peaked when Fenty Beauty featured her on their Instagram page and suddenly, everyone and their mother wanted to know more about her. Y’all, after the Fenty Beauty feature, her following grew to well over 60k followers on Instagram and obviously, someone had to let the cat out of the bag right? I mean, Shudu couldn’t be a mystery forever.

Turned out that Shudu was a 3D creation by artist and London based photographer Cameron James Wilson.

In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, Cameron revealed that Shudu was his art project that he was working on. He went on to say that the 3D world is lacking ethnic representation and that Shudu was made to inspire models of color and to be inspired by models of color.

digital model shudu

Image: Instagram/Shudu.gram/

As you would imagine, there’s a lot of controversy surrounding Shudu.

A black digital model, created by a white man? To many, this sounds like fetishizing the black skin. Cameron, in the interview, said,

She is not a real model, but she represents a lot of the real models of today. There’s a big kind of movement with dark skin models, so she inspires them and is inspired by them.

While most people thought she was stunning, they weren’t really ‘feeling’ a black digital model and wondered what was the point when there are human black models who look just like Shudu.

What are your thoughts on this?