Selling Skin-Whitening Cream Is A New Business Trend On Social Media And We Are Worried


The urge for a fairer skin by some girls is fast rising and due to this demand, a new business trend is on the rise and that is the selling of bleaching creams, soaps, and serums.


Social media is a very powerful tool and these sellers are using it effectively.

They use their personal handles or pages to market the bleaching products and it is interesting to see most girls in the comment section, asking for prices and delivery terms. These creams do not also come cheap, the prices range from Ghc100-400 yet people are ready to buy.

After getting dark knuckles because of the harsh chemicals they have fed their skins with, these business-minded people will move a step further to sell oils and creams which they claim can let you have uniform complexion.

The funny thing is, they back it up with before and after images to prove that these creams work.


Will these sellers have a market if we decide to keep our natural complexion?

Mostly, these buyers do not even know the chemical composition of the creams they are using. Yes, and some of them even mix the ingredients themselves and just find containers with a poster and voila! It’s on the market.

Every business person is interested in making profit and getting a large number of customers. They do not care about the effect the cream will have on you, if not now but later in the future.

What happened to appreciate our natural complexion?