10 Reasons Why People Get Removed From Whatsapp Groups

By: Quaci Kyei | 4 Day(s) ago

WhatsApp is the biggest messaging platform in the world at the moment.

When you meet 10 people, chances are, 9 of them will be on WhatsApp. WhatsApp’s group feature has allowed many to get together and form groups of two or more where they share ideas and have fun.

Below are reasons why you’ll get kicked out of a WhatsApp group.

1. When You Insult Admin.

The admin or admins are the authority, therefore when you insult the admin, you’re sure to get your a** kicked out of the group either temporarily or permanently.

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2. When You Flirt With Admin’s Girl Or Boy.

You join a group and you start flirting with a member of the opposite sex who happens to be the love interest of the admin or an admin. This is a sure way of you getting kicked out.

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3. When You’re Inactive.

What’s the purpose of being in a WhatsApp group and not chatting or getting involved in group activities? That’s the whole essence of creating the group in the first place right? So once you’re inactive, you’ll be removed. Being inactive includes chatting and not showing up for group hangouts.

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4. When You Go Against The Rules Of The Group.

Gradually, WhatsApp groups are incorporating rules and regulations to guide the group and so when you flout a rule governing the group, you’ll be kicked out. There are groups specifically for certain messages or posts so when you post anything outside that domain, you’ll be removed.

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5. When You’re Always Fighting Other Members.

We are in the group to have fun and take away some stress so why should we deal with someone who is constantly fighting other members? If you’re fond of fighting other members of the group over practically anything and everything, you will be removed cos one person won’t be the reason why the group will go down.

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6. When You Criticize Too Much.

You complain and criticize everything, meanwhile you won’t bring anything better. Group wants to hang out, you complain about venue suggestions by other members when you haven’t suggested any. When someone posts something you’ll criticize them. If this becomes too much and members start complaining, you’ll be removed.


7. Religion.

Religion is a sensitive topic everywhere, and a WhatsApp group is no exception. When you insult the religion of other members, you’re sure to get kicked out. Any act that is deemed offensive or an insult to other religions can get you removed. There are also groups where religious posts are banned and so if you find yourself posting any religious stuff, you’ll be removed.


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8. Politics.

Just like religion, politics is another sensitive topic and so most groups do not allow it. Therefore, any political post you make or message you sent across, can get you removed. Likewise, if you insult any member over politics or say something offensive in relation to politics, you’ll have yourself removed.

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9. Leaking Information To Outsiders.

There are groups which are quite strict with regards to having what happens in the group stay in the group. There are groups where secrets are shared, there are groups where nudes and naughty stuff are encouraged, therefore these groups will like to have what happens on the platform, stay there to protect the privacy of the members. If you flout this and it’s found out, you’ll be on your way out.


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10. Porn.

Many groups prohibit the posting of porn. If you flout this simple rule, you’re out.

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