These Plants Can Give You Stronger White Teeth Than Toothpaste

Africans have been classified as being backward people because we are conservative and many of our practices have been condemned. But the interesting thing is, the world is beginning to see the wonders of the things we used back in the days and why we lived long.

The thing is, most of the new inventions are killing us without our knowing. Now it has been discovered that fluoride is actually not good for our health but almost all the toothpaste on the market contains it.

Before toothpaste, our grandparents never had any headache about keeping their teeth clean and these are some of the things we wish to reveal to you.

1. Brode Ti

Usually, when you’re done peeling off your plantain from its stalk, you throw it away, but what you might not know is that the stalk is actually good for your teeth. It is mashed with a heavy wood to give it a brush-like look and it is used to brush the teeth. It can also be combined with charcoal and this will give you sparkling white teeth.



2. Abrotortor

This plant is very common in Ghana and in the olden days, it was used as a demarcation of borders. It bears little round green fruits with big black seeds. The stem of the plant is very good for brushing your teeth and it actually produces foam just like a toothpaste would and it is very effective against tooth decay.



3. Sokodua

We believe most of you are familiar with this one. It is sold almost everywhere in the market even tho it’s fading out. But what we don’t know we are missing is its medicinal content. Besides keeping your teeth clean, the juices from the tree is good for your health.

Photo Credit: NewLifeOnHomeStead



4. Sawee

Whenever you feel nauseous, this is the best plant for you, it is also good for you if you have mouth odour, it helps keep it in check and gives you fresh breath.



5. Charcoal

Charcoal is not a plant but definitely made out of different plants. We are adding it because it is dead plants. Grinding and using it as a toothpaste is very effective. Combined with the plantain stalk, you will get fresh white teeth.