26 Pictures Of Life In Kantamanto That Proves The Hustle Is Real

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By: Kwaku Darko | 10 Day(s) ago

Kantamanto is the home of used clothes and accessories in Accra.

There are other stuff sold in and around the market but the dominant things are clothes and accessories. Life is not easy there and these pictures prove the hustle is real.

1. Ye be wu nti y3nda?


2. Aerial view of the stalls.

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3. This…


4. Pathway through stalls.


5. Hustle chale…

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6. The struggle is real mehn!!!


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7. Get some stuff for the kitchen while you get clothes.


8. Time for fun.


9. Footwear’s.


10. Ready for sale.


11. Quality for less.


12. Activities around the market.

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13. Business all day.


14. Your chains and bracelets are ready.

Looking for some #bling? Few places compare in scale or variety to the expansive #Kantamanto #Market in Accra Central, the huge secondhand market (or "bend-down boutique") for clothes, shoes, bags, belts, household goods, and more. Clothes are imported from abroad by the pack, then sold to local vendors who in turn sell here or in various "boutiques" around the city. Your best bet is to head up here early (the hundreds of vendors are here as early as 6:30am!) and get ready to haggle with vendors for the best deals. This place isn't for the faint of heart, though: It takes some grit, determination and digging to find the best deals. So come wander the organized stalls and you can find some serious gems here, my friends, like the beautiful gold-colored low-top @converse Allstars that I scored here last year 🙂 There are some amazing items out here just waiting to be discovered; don't you agree, @steloolive @msadjei? #ACCxTSTMKRS #Africa #Ghana #markets #vintage #clothed #shopping #chale #converse #gems #gold #secondhand Posted by @africanurbanism

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15. Watches.


16. Spectacle frames are also sold there.


17. Waiting on customers like…


18. Warehouse…

The "KANTAMANTO" market appears like a maze at first; rows and columns of sellers staking out their spaces and selling their wares. There’s the indoor, covered market, the outside market spreading onto nearby walkways, and the vendors with stores in cemented structures. Just like a traditional department store in the West, Kantamanto too has its own sense of order, with specific sections of the market. Here, vendors specialize (selling a specific type of item), but they also agglomerate in clusters to draw the greatest traffic of potential customers. Continuation on next post… #Africa #Ghana #Accra #Kantamanto #hustlersambition #Artforlife #Africaisdope #ArtisUs #diamondsinthedirt #preachingart #everydayafrica WE PREACH ART!

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19. This is how it goes down everyday.


20. Porters to help carry your goods.


21. The sneakers section.


22. The slippers section.


23. Street preachers taking their share…


24. A typical occurrence.


25. Stalls…


26. Waiting to be unwrapped for sale.

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