Men With These 7 Names Are Almost Always Handsome And Big Big Trouble

image source: zumi

If you meet a guy with one of these 7 names, you better steer clear.

They are most often smart, handsome, manipulative, and they may just drive you crazy. Unless you enjoy a wild ride, it’s advisable that you run away as fast as you can.

Men with these 7 names are almost always handsome bad boys: 

1. David

He is a master in the sheets and may just leave you hooked. They are usually super handsome, and they almost always have a girlfriend, so try not to get too fixated as they may just break your heart.


image: Tumblr

2. Justin.

This one loves the ladies, and he’s always on to the next one. He always has a way of making girls fall in love with him, so be very careful. He’s also a great conversationalist.


image: Nerdist

3. Charles.

A complete wild card, but he’s always making moves financially. He’s generous and always makes a move to spoil you. He’s however unreliable and isn’t exactly boyfriend material, but when you least expect it, he hits you up and enters right back into your life as if he wasn’t all MIA for a week.


image: Pinterest

4. Ian.

A fancy one, he like cocktails and golf and is probably making money moves. He’s charming, hilarious and handsome. He however has commitment issues.


image: pinterest

5. Leon.

An all round fun, extroverted guy who smells amazing and has a couple of smooth lines to make you blush,  but they tend to make promises they can’t keep or they always postpone plans. So not always reliable.


image: Consequence of Sound

6. Kevin.

Kevin is an overall nice guy, sweet, and constantly spoils you with gifts when he can. Problem with him is he’s not very ambitious and likes to stay in his comfortable zone, and that can get annoying. However, they usually have big big….you know…so points.


image: The Advocate

7. Jordan.

A handsome one with a capital H. His body is glorious as well. Also quite smart. He knows he’s fine, so he’s a bit promiscuous. He always texts you happy birthday, and is always trying to get you in his trap.


image: Essence