9 Things That happen To People Who’ve Lost Their Mothers On Mother’s Day


Mother’s Day is here again and it’s a day children pay glowing tribute to their mother’s.

For those who have lost their mother’s, it can be a day of sorrow.

Here are 9 sad things people who have lost their mothers go through on mother’s day.

1. Remember Their Mother.

There’s not much to do than reminiscing about the past with your mom. Some hold pictures of their mom and just speak to them. It’s a very sorrowful moment.

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2. Cry.

Seeing everything going on with friends sending messages to their moms, just brings tears to your eyes. You just can’t forget the fact that yours isn’t around for you to send them a message as well.

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3. Visit Family.

To escape all the sorrow, you visit other family members just to be around and take away your sorrow a bit. It doesn’t always work but having those reassuring messages of them being around for you sometimes works.

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4. Stay Indoors.

For those who don’t want to step out, they lock themselves indoors and just be by themselves. They just want to cut themselves from the world so they don’t see all the love being shown between mothers and their children.

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5. Send Message To Late Mother On Social Media.

The best you can do is to send a message to your mom on social media. You know they won’t be able to see it but the fact that others will see it and know how much you love your mom, makes you a bit happy.


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6. Read Messages Of Friends To Their Mums On Social Media.

As much as it can be very heartbreaking, some also go through messages of their friends to their moms on social media. The trick here is to try and associate with the messages and feel like it’s from you to your mom.


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7. Get Asked How You Feel.

One thing that makes this moment more sorrowful for people who’ve lost their moms is the constant question: “how do you feel”? Everyone knows how such a day makes you feel and in an effort to make it cheer you up, they come asking this question which unfortunately rather makes it worse.

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8. Receive Calls From People Wanting To Know How You Feel.

Aside those who send messages to ask how you feel, some also call with the same motive. They obviously know hwo such a day will make you feel and they call to speak to you in an effort to make things better. Mostly these calls come from family members.


9. Visit The Grave Side.

There’s no where else to go than the grave side to put some flowers on your mums grave. This is only if your not too far from the cemetery.

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