The Daily Lifestyle Of An Average Nigerian Worker

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By: Lilian Binda | 6 Month(s) ago

The life of an average Nigerian worker ain’t easy regardless of what part of the country you’re at!

As kids we watched our parents and older ones wake up, get dressed and in a few minutes go out the door. Gosh, we longed to be where they were.

Now we’re there and is like we’re wishing to be kids again. Life as an adult isn’t easy. The continuous hustle and early morning wake up calls make us long for our childhoods.

There are some days you just wish you could sleep in after a horrible night, yet we still to make the Nairas, right?

1. Wake Up Call

If it isn’t neighbourhood Mosque’s calls for prayers, it’s your phone’s alarm clock beeping you at 4:30am. In Lagos, it’s way earlier.

Image: Reddit

Image: Reddit


2. Dress Up Time

Then you manage to drag yourself to the bathroom after sleeping in for an extra 5-10 minutes. If you’re lucky, there’s hot water in the heater cos PHCN gave you some hours of light overnight.

Image Source: Tumblr

Image: Tumblr


3. Catch The Bus

Then you’re off to the nearest bus station to queue up for BRT buses going into the main city. P.S you got a relative staying with you who helps you drop off the kids at school.


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4. Resumption Time

You barely make it to the office a few minutes before 8am after hissing at the bus driver for stopping per bus stop. Then there’s the holdup where you’ve spent an hour or two sitting in a non-airconditioned bus.


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5. Breakfast

There’s always a “Mai Shayi/Akara seller” somewhere close to the office. You develop relationships with the office cleaner who goes around collecting everyone’s order.

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6. Work

Then it’s endless hours of working away at a computer or whatever job description you have. If you’re lucky, you’d have a stress free day without attending to irate customers.

Image- GIPHY

Image- Giphy


7. Lunch

If your office canteen sucks then you’re off to one mama put at the corner. She’s got a sizable number of customers waiting to be served. It’s your breathing hour.

Image: NairaLand

Image: NairaLand


8. Closing Time

Standard closing hours in Naija is between 4-5pm. That’s a standard rarely kept. If you work in the bank, work just began. If you’re in civil service, the better.

Image Source: Gizmodo

Image: Gizmodo


9. Catching The Bus

You realise you’re running late after waiting to gist with a colleague in the office. You catch up with the last BRT bus heading your direction. Then it’s another 2-hour trip back home. You buy 2 gala’s or plantain chips on the way and wash it down with a bottle of Smoove or Lacasera.

P.S that was dinner.

Photo Credit: QZ Prod

Photo Credit: QZ Prod


10. Home Sweet Home

You get through the doors say between 9-11pm depending where you work. It’s too late to cook dinner so you drink some water after a quick shower. Then you’re off to bed say 12 midnight. At 4am, the alarm goes off again.

Images by K.Mozie Photography

Images by K.Mozie Photography


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