16 Lies Every Man Is Guilty Of And Can’t Deny

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By: Kwaku Darko | 19 Day(s) ago

There are a lot of situations that will make one lie but when it comes to these lies, every man is guilty of them.

Here are 16 lies every man is guilty of.

 1. I’m Single.

Even when he’s engaged and a hot girl asks if he’s single, he will say yes.

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2. I’m Not A Womaniser.

Yeah! right. Ask him the number of women he’s banged before and it wouldn’t be less than 15.


3. I’ve Never Cheated Before.

We all deny it but we are all guilty of it. Who goes about confessing to this anyway?

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4. She’s Just A Friend.

Every girl is just a friend even if he’s banging her and he doesn’t say this only to girls but his male friends as well.

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5. I’m Not Interested In Sex, I Just Want Us To Be Friends.

Ladies, when you hear this…run!!! It is just the first step to wanting sex and you know it.


6. Come Visit We Will Just Watch Movies.

Yeah! That’s how you ended up pregnant.

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7. Sex Is The Last Thing On My Mind.

At least he admitted it is on his mind. The truth, however, is, it is not the last thing on his mind.

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8. You’re The Only One I Think About.

There are a million women we think about, even the stranger with that fine ass we met and never got the chance to talk to. It’s just flattery so don’t take it serious when guys say this, it’s a big fat lie.


9. I Don’t Watch Porn.

Yeah! right you don’t. Don’t believe any man who says this.


10. I Will Buy You Anything You Need.

Ladies, when you hear this, know that he’s just bragging. Buy you anything? Just request for a phone k3k3 and see.


11. I Was Busy, That’s Why I Couldn’t Call.

To be honest, there are times a man just doesn’t want any drama from a woman, not even his mother and so he can decide not to talk to anyone. And so when you hear this from him, he’s lying, he just didn’t want to pick your call.

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12. No Network.

An excuse we give when another fine girl is taking over our mind, just blame it on the network.

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13. I Would Never Lie To You.

Check out all the points above and see if this is true.

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14. You’re My One And Only.

You can’t be his one and only. If so, why does he turn to look at other girls’ butts when he’s even with you?

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15. You Are A Great Cook.

Just not to embarrass you, even if you’re a bad cook, we will say you’re good.

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16. You Are Not That Fat.

Just to keep out of trouble.

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