5 Unique Names Celebs Gave Their Kids That You Could Copy

image: bbc.co.uk

Would you ever give your kids these names?

By attempting to be creative with names, some celeb parents have given their kids some strange and unique names.

If you ever plan on having kids someday, maybe you can draw inspiration from these unique baby names.

Here are 7 unique names celebs gave their kids that you could copy: 

1. Stormi.

This one is kind of cute, and being the daughter of Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott, the name even sounds kind of trendy.


image: Evening Standard

2. North West. 

North is lucky to have  Kim Kardashian as a mom, and Kanye as a dad, because now, her name is basically art.


image: StyleCaster

3. Blue Ivy.  

This is a lovely name, Beyonce claims it came from an essay by an author, Rebecca Solnit’s collection of personal essays “A Field Guide to Getting Lost.”


image: Elite Daily

4. Titan Jewell. 

The son of Kerry Rowland, and Blue Ivy’s BBF, derives his name from with the figures of Greek myth and Saturn’s largest moon.


image: Purepeople

5. Ocean Whitaker. 

Actor Whitaker chose some interesting names for his kids, in particular his son who is called Ocean. His other kids are called Sonnet and True. He says that their names connect to their personalities. Like Ocean, his son, has a big heart, like the ocean.


image: getty