10 Ironies Of The Modern Day Charismatic/Prophetic Church

Image: EthmGhana

The modern-day charismatic church has become an abode for many worshippers and believers seeking solutions to one problem or the other.

There are so many things that go on in these churches which sometimes marvels me. Worshippers do things which obviously are counter-productive with leaders living for themselves at the expense of their congregation.

Below are some ironies with these churches.

1. People spend hours at the church to pray for a boost in their business whiles their shops remained locked during that period.


2. Women spend their nights attending all-night service to pray for pregnancy when they should have been home making sweet love with their partners.

How do you intend getting pregnant if you’re not doing it?

3. Pastors and leaders of these churches are worshipped more than God.


4. Only visitors and new members seem to receive miracles. Old members remain the way they are.

Attend any of these churches and the major miracles always happen to visitors or new members. Are the old members not made to receive the miracle some?


5. While Jesus got angry and sacked traders from his father’s house (the church), Pastors lately have transformed the church into their own business centres.

Selling off one item or the other is the new trend in these churches.


6. Jesus preached salvation, they preach wealth.

It’s as if there’s no salvation, all these churches preach about is wealth and prosperity. I’m not saying it’s not good but what happens when you gain all these and lose your soul as the Bible rightly said?


7. Leaders live lavishly whiles their poor congregation continues to swim in poverty.

The pastors/prophets/Bishops etc of these churches live very extravagant lives. They ride the best cars, wear the best of designer clothes and live in plush apartments. Meanwhile, 90% of their congregation, suffer to make ends meet.


8. They step on pregnant women to pray for the safety of their unborn baby.

Very strange deliverance sessions take place in these churches. From pastors lying on members to cast out one demon or the other, pastors stepping on people to deliver them etc.


9. You pay consultation fee as if you’re attending a hospital or clinic, but Jesus said: “you have received free of charge, give free of charge”.

Before they used to deny but lately they’ve made it public. You watch them on TV and hear them say, “visit me tomorrow, when you come just buy the oil, it’s ¢150 only and join the queue.”…..There are also various payments for types of prayers. Smh

pray girl school ghana


 10. The various leaders fight among themselves.

You ask yourself if they are all propagating the word, shouldn’t they be supporting each other? These pastors rubbish each other in front of their congregation and demean the powers of their colleagues. Case in mind is the Pastor Obinim – Prophet One fight which was on a live Ghanaian radio.

trotro fight

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