You Think Facebook Is Boring Because You Do Not Belong To Any Of These Groups

Photo by Craig Chandler / University Communications

I have to admit that Facebook has grown cold over the years since it became more or less a playground for kids and the primary tool for marketing activities than a social platform.

It all doesn’t stop until you find a place where the people have the same lifestyle and do everything like you. So groups were created, a community of like-minded individual cheering and jeering without anyone’s approval. Here are a few interesting groups our Facebook followers pointed out.

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1. Trotro Diaries

mate trotro

Created by a young man by the name of Yaw Odoom, Trotro diaries has seen staggering growth over the years connecting many Ghanaians in the diaspora. The group gets its name from the local parlance used to describe a commercial vehicle and its members share daily activities during their commute around the world. The group is so fun that the members organize an annual day out where they go and party – like haaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrd. Trotro Diaries has its own app available for download at the Google Play Store.


2. Random Ghana Pics


Photo: Yaw_Pare/Instagram

Well-known Ghanaian photographer, Yaw Pare on his job, blesses his followers with breath-taking pictures shot right here in Ghana. His works have been used in top media outlets in Ghana and beyond. Mr. Pare has #GhanaAtHeart and a crusader of #AccraIsNotGhana as he exposes hidden tourist destinations across Ghana. If you are a fan of photography like I am, this group will be a great community to be. Hint: if you want to use his photos, do contact him first.

Yaw Pare’s works were featured in this post: Insane Architectural Works Giving Accra The New York City Look


3. Coolest Yard

Black women friends

Image: HuffingtonPost

A youthful group created for fun and connection.


4. Tenant Tales

Share all your landlord wahala in Tenant Tales and get to know others’ as well. Get juicy deals on rent if you’re looking for a place of abode. Fine ‘gerrs’ too dey there. Abena Magis is the group administrator.


5. Tell It Moms

Smiling Mother and Toddler

Expectant, new moms and the ‘pro-moms’ meet in this group to learn about each other. Tell It Moms is a family oriented page that serves as a portal for resolving motherhood issues. The presents a unifying force for parents.


6. Inna Real Life

university group discussions

Photo by Craig Chandler / University Communications

Inna Real Life, shortened as IRL is an all-inclusive youth group connecting people from Ghana, Nigeria, US and more.


7. Rant HQ

argument relationship quarrel troubles

Photo: Ray Style’s Hand

Rant HQ is a place for people to let it all out. Blurt it out and spew out all your concerns for others to discuss however, be mindful that there are people of various backgrounds in this group so let that guide your rant.


8. Labour Room Drama

This platform was created to help mummies, mum to be, single mothers and married mothers discuss issues relating to pre pregnancy, pregnancy, post pregnancy, motherhood, childbirth, babies, children, kids, empowerment folks and Female as a whole.


9. OMGVoice

Enjoy rich African pop culture and entertainment from OMGVoice Ghana, Nigeria and Kenya. Our extention groups are always ready for new members.

Which other interesting Facebook groups were left out? Comment below.