Here Is How To Identify A Slay Queen From A Mile Away

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Slay queens are taking over the world. Do you want to know how to identify one?

1. Makeup is always on point.

Slay queens always want their makeup to be on point. A slay queen keeps on checking if the makeup is still intact.

african makeup



2. No kibanda dates.

Slay queens do not know kibandas or madondo. Do you remember the Kenyan “slay queen” who claimed she was not familiar with beans; calling them maharage, marahage..…? Slay queens claim to love high end hotels and dub any meal a “brunch.”  If you are about to date a slay queen, brace yourself!

kibanda date

Image: scarlet write


3. Take pictures of food before they eat.

Taking pictures of food is normal to some level with the Y generation and all, but it can go overboard real quick. Slay queens have to take pictures of food before taking the first bite.

selfie food

Photo: Ray Styles/Pencilled Celebrities


4. Selfies all day!

Have you ever peeped on a girl’s phone only to find selfies? It’s okay to take selfies but if an accident is an opportune moment to take a selfie; check yourself!


Image courtesy: Oppo


5. High-end clubs, not the ‘local’.

High-end clubs are a slay queen’s territory. A look at their Instagram photos reveals they don’t do local pubs or clubs.

high end club

Image: Riz Ibrahim/Kenyan Nights


6. Value image above all.

Slay queens value their image more than anything. Their lipstick is always on point, their eyelashes are usually dramatic, and their shoes are almost always new. They cause a crisis when they realize they have lost one follower on Instagram.



7. They don’t repeat clothes.

Normal women love shopping; slay queens don’t just love shopping, they never repeat clothes. Heh! What will Instagram think! Sigh!

repeat clothes

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